About us

Here at Give Me a Fin, we are a team of experienced aquarists, fishkeepers, and aquarium landscapers. We’ve seen a lot, ranging from white spot and dropsy to fin rot and infections.

We’ve experienced a “totally harmless” fish devouring other fish, fish disappearances, and even unwittingly buying wild-caught fish riddled with paradise. Our team understands the frustrations of failing at plant care because “Just plant it in the gravel, it will be fine” didn’t pan out so well.

In short, we want to help you avoid the many pitfalls of unintentional ignorance. If you wish to set up a bioscape, a Dutch aquarium, or a species-only aquarium to breed your favorite species, we can help you out.

You can trust us to bring you only the very best information and help you keep fish the right way. Whether you are a full-fledged fish finatic, or you’re just getting your first finger in the water, you’re very welcome here.