Danielle Frecknall: Chief Writer

Danielle Frecknall; Writer

How does someone get passionately involved with fish? What drives them to become a writer for a website like Give Me a Fin? In this bio article, we’ll hear more from writer Danielle Frecknall about where her passion came from, and why she loves fish.

The Beginning

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with all animals, great and small. Ask my mum and she’ll regale stories of my brother and I getting hands on with nature. We loved bug hunting, tadpole collecting, and doing our version of fishing at the edge of our grandfather’s Koi pond.

I begged my mum around my 8th birthday for a fishbowl in my room. Much to my pleasure, the day arrived, and sitting there when I woke was my first fish. He was a black bubble eye goldfish, and I named him Flubber.

He was so ugly he was beautiful, and I loved every second of watching him explore his plants and bridge hide. Unfortunately, like many beginner goldfish, he eventually passed, and for many years after, I went without a fish in my life. 

The Later Years

Fast forward to my years at university, where I would spend countless hours in my dorm room studying (or more like procrastinating). 

I decided I needed something to keep me company during my assignment writing. So, I headed to my local pet store and bought a 15 gallon upright aquarium and a live plant selection. I planted until my heart was content, let them settle, and cycled the water while I researched fish appropriate for my tank’s size. 

I eventually settled on a few Rasbora and Platies as community fish. Later, I added two Dwarf Gourami for centerpieces, and a handful of snails (pesky things ended up all over my room). 

This tank was my ultimate distraction. It traveled back home during the holidays and went with me during house moves. It even made it to my first ‘adult home’ with the occasional fish restock here and there.

Eventually, a new life was calling me in Southeast Asia, and my parents inherited my tank. I’m now busy setting up an aquaponics habitat for a mix match of gifted guppy fry. I also have big plans to set up an all-natural betta habitat.